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Baslow – December 200= 6



(Photo to follow)


This was the Club’s Christmas meet and our first ever visit to= the Oread Club’s hut at = Heathy Lea. Saturday was cold and breezy, but mostly bright and most members went = on an expedition which combined climbing on the nearby edges with a bit of wal= king in between (5 miles and 5 climbs – a sort of winter version of the Cl= ub’s famous 10 miles and 10 climbs expeditions of previous years). The routes completed were: Sunset Crack (VS 4b Froggatt), = October Crack (HS 4a Curbar), Flake Crack (Diff Baslow), Apple Crack (Diff Gardo= ms) and Trafalgar Crack (V Diff Birchens). A very full and satisfying day.<= /p>


The Christmas curry and puddings were duly consumed on Saturday nigh= t, followed by various walking and mountain-biking activities on a rather wet Sunday.